YNHHS offers short-term staffing incentive program 

Given the current, pressing need to support staffing and operations across Yale New Haven Health System, employees may be eligible for a short-term staffing incentive program. 

Employees interested in picking up additional hours or shifts beyond their scheduled hours should speak with their managers first. Employees accepting shifts above and beyond their regularly scheduled hours may receive incentive compensation, in addition to their regular rate of pay, based upon the role and department in which they are working an additional shift. The manager in the department in which the additional shift is worked will provide information about incentive compensation to eligible employees.

To consider these opportunities:

  • Use the CERVIS scheduling platform (network only). The platform lists the shifts where staffing is needed. Bookmark the site and check it often, as shift needs will be updated frequently.
  • Email [email protected] with your questions, or to let the YNHHS Crisis Staffing Team know of your interest and willingness to work additional hours or shifts beyond your scheduled hours.