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Congratulations to the July Great Catch winners

great catch

York Street Campus

Samantha Gelfand, MD, Internal Medicine resident, was recognized for attention to detail, validating and verifying and mentoring with 200% accountability when treating a patient believed to have pneumonia. Reviewing CT images, she saw something in the patient's trachea and recommended intubation. The patient was intubated and successfully treated.

Saint Raphael Campus

Patti Kenyon, care manager, Orthopedics, was recognized for attention to detail, practicing a questioning attitude and mentoring with 200% accountability. While completing an admission assessment on a patient scheduled for surgical repair of a hip fracture, she noted the radiology report did not state the diagnosis. She shared her concern with the physician assistants, who reviewed X-rays and found the fracture was not operable. The surgery was cancelled, preventing an unnecessary procedure.