James Sarigianis, Paul Ucci

York Street Campus

House calls aren’t a thing of the past for James Sarigianis, clinical pharmacist, Inpatient Pharmacy. When he learned during rounds that a patient could not be discharged because the patient was unable to obtain peritoneal dialysis fluid, Sarigianis coordinated with medical and nursing staffs to deliver the fluids after his workday to the patient’s home. In another case, given a patient’s complex medical problems, the team agreed she could use her own supply of uncommonly prescribed drugs while hospitalized. After discharge, the patient reported that the medications were not sent home with her. Sarigianis found the medications and arranged to bring them to the patient’s home.

Saint Raphael Campus

A patient’s family members recently noted that Paul Ucci, RN, General Medicine unit (SLA 4), is what a compassionate nurse looks and sounds like. During a rapid response call, Ucci immediately stepped in as the patient’s primary nurse. He handled clinical and critical-thinking processes with precision and clarity, while simultaneously managing a hypertensive patient in the next room. Ucci’s nursing compassion and positive, caring attitude calmed the patient, who found comfort in knowing Ucci was there.

Anyone, including patients and their families, may nominate a YNHH employee, physician or volunteer who displays service excellence qualities and the values of compassion, integrity, accountability, patient-centeredness and respect. Nominations should include details to help illustrate the story of why the person is worthy of the nomination. Send nominations to: [email protected].