Laurie Bizzario, Billie Edwards

York Street Campus

Laurie Bizzario, medical technologist, Laboratory Services, was recognized for attention to detail when she noticed a unit of abnormal-looking platelets in the Blood Bank. She immediately escalated her concerns to her supervisors, who then quarantined the unit and sent it for testing, which revealed contamination. Further investigation showed that three platelet units had been collected from the same donor. Thanks to Bizzario’s attention to detail and critical thinking, the other units were also removed from the Blood Bank.

Saint Raphael Campus

Billie Edwards, ultrasound technologist, Radiology, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude. While scanning a patient’s leg veins during a repeat exam, she noted no change to a clot despite three weeks of treatment. Edwards escalated her concerns to the radiologist, who ordered further testing. Additional images revealed an extensive clot. The referring physician was notified and the patient received timely intervention.