great catch

Mecca Humphrey, Stacey Macy

Congratulations to the March Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.

York Street Campus

Mecca Humphrey, patient transport associate, was recognized for attention to detail and STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review). A patient she was transporting from the ED up the South Pavilion elevator became unresponsive. Knowing staff in Echocardiography on the second floor could help, Humphrey immediately went to that department. While there, the patient began to seize, so Humphrey called to activate the code team while Echo staff provided life support. Thanks to Humphrey's quick actions and attention to detail, the patient received the necessary treatment quickly

Saint Raphael Campus

Stacey Macy, diagnostic medical sonographer, Heart and Vascular Center, was recognized for mentoring with 200% accountability, communicating clearly and practicing a questioning attitude. Upon entering a patient's room to do a portable echocardiography exam, she noticed that both patients in the room had similar last names. She checked the ID band and verbally validated and verified her patient's identity. While doing the exam, Macy overheard a nurse address the patient in the next bed with the incorrect name. Macy stopped the line to ask a clarifying question and cross-checked with the nurse to alert her to the incorrect patient identification.