Staff throughout YNHHS now have new, rebranded templates for PowerPoint presentations. New PowerPoint presentations now open up in the Yale New Haven Health template. The system template is one of 14 available to users; the template includes instructions on finding and using the other branded options.

Templates are available with either a white background (better for printing) or the teal or navy colors and the appropriate logo. PowerPoint templates are also available on the Brand Center.

Additionally, the Brand Center has the new email signature template that all employees should use to ensure we have a consistent look. Under "Download logos and templates," there are two examples of email signatures, plus stepby- step instructions and a pre-sized hospital or system logo to include at the bottom of your signature. There are also sample email signatures you can copy and paste to help you create your own personalized email.

To visit the Brand Center, go to the intranet, under References, and click Brand Center. Use your regular, single sign-on login user name and password.