Pyle, Heard, Morneau

York Street Campus

David Pyle, MD, and Traci Heard, RN, Pediatric Primary Care Center, were recognized for working collaboratively with attention to detail and for escalating concerns to prevent harm. Dr. Pyle noticed that an outside pharmacy that had filled a child's prescription had provided the wrong-sized medication dispensing spoon to the mother. This would have led to an incorrect dose, so the Primary Care Center team educated the mother on the proper medication administration and dosage. Heard escalated her concerns about the error, and YNHH Pharmacy leaders worked with the outside pharmacy to ensure it will no longer distribute the spoon.

Saint Raphael Campus

Tom Morneau, Nuclear Medicine technician, Heart and Vascular Center, was recognized for attention to detail, practicing a questioning attitude, mentoring with 200% accountability and escalating concerns. He noticed that two different patients had identical dictated results for abnormal nuclear stress tests and scans. Morneau validated and verified the patients' images to match the scans and discovered an error in one. He escalated his concerns and the dictation error was corrected.