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Project Infor FAQs

In July, Yale New Haven Health will launch Project Infor, an enterprise resource planning system that will transform the way the health system does business. Training will begin in May. Here are some frequently asked questions about Infor:

What is Infor?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that will integrate the management of core non-clinical business processes in Finance, Human Resources and Supply Chain.

How will Infor support these processes?

Infor is similar to Epic, but for non-clinical business operations. It includes various software tools to help staff in Finance, HR and Supply Chain plan, carry out and improve the business side of providing health care. These three areas frequently connect – for example, Supply Chain regularly works with Finance to ensure supplies and services are paid for. Using a single ERP solution like Infor makes sense for Yale New Haven Health’s growing network.

What changes will employees see with Infor?

Employees working in Finance, HR and Supply Chain will see the most changes, but all employees and managers will use Infor for Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service. Changes for all employees will include:

  • The travel and expense submission process will occur in Infor and include a feature that calculates mileage.
  • All mandatory training formerly completed in HealthStream will move to a new Infor Learning Management System.
  • Infor will have a different look and feel and special features, including mobile functionality that will allow employees to access certain information on cell phones and mobile devices.

When/how will employees be trained on Infor?

Training will begin in May. Employees will be assigned the appropriate training courses depending on their roles. Most training will consist of online modules (“e-learning”) available on the Infor Learning Management System.

Watch for training dates and details in the coming weeks.

When will Infor launch?

Go-live is scheduled for July 1, with extra support (including super-users and a command center) available for several weeks after.

For details about Infor, visit Project Infor on the intranet.