PEACE recipients announced

These employees received PEACE (Patient Experience Awards for Caring and Excellence) for going above and beyond to meet the needs of patients and families.

peace award

York Street Campus

Jennifer Butricks, RN, Smilow Radiation Oncology, was recognized for embodying the spirit of giving and compassion in her interactions with patients, families and fellow staff. While caring for a patient who was extremely anxious during intensive brachytherapy treatments, Butricks sat and held her hand throughout the series of treatments and found specific music to play at the patient’s request to help her relax. A believer in holistic care, Butricks is also pursuing Reiki certification on her own time so she can use additional healing techniques while caring for her patients.

peace award

Saint Raphael Campus

The staff of Surgical Step Down (SLA 2) was honored for compassion, teamwork and extraordinary patient-centered care while treating a patient who was rehabilitating after a brain injury during the holiday season. The staff went out of their way to provide comfort measures that soothed the patient’s anxiety and frustration, including purchasing holiday decorations for his room, playing holiday songs, providing special food treats and coordinating the patient’s move to a room with a window so he could watch the snow fall on Christmas morning.

All employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible for the monthly PEACE recognition. Send nominations to: [email protected].