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Re-badging reminders

New, re-branded photo ID badges are being rolled out, by area, at YNHH. You will be notified when and where to go for a new badge. Do NOT visit the photo ID office for a new badge.


Important reminders for employees who have already received new, re-branded badges:

You might still have your old badge to use temporarily for parking and other functions until your new badge is operational for those functions.

  • Do not wear or use the new and old badges together. This can cause misreads and missing "punches" with the proximity readers on the new time clocks.

Use the new time clocks with the new badges.

  • If your area does not yet have a new time clock, locate the new clock nearest you. At the York Street Campus new clocks have been installed in the South Pavilion, near the chapel; West Pavilion hallway, near the guard desk and employee entrance; Clinic Building, first floor, near the bank; North Pavilion, near the fourth-floor bridge (coming soon). At the Saint Raphael Campus, new clocks are in: the first-floor entrance from the George Street garage; first-floor main entrance, across from the chapel (coming soon), first and second floors of the Orchard Street Medical building; first floor of the Verdi building, near the coffee kiosk.
  • To use the new clock, simply hold your badge to the top right corner of the clock. You will hear a chime and see a green light in the top left corner indicating your badge has been read.
  • Do not wave your badge at the clock.
  • Do not hold the badge up to the proximity reader for too long or you will "double punch."