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Volunteer Services

The gifts of time and talent are precious. We are often humbled by the remarkable efforts extended by those who believe in our mission and give of themselves selflessly for our patients and their families. With their support, we remain committed to innovation and excellence in patient care, teaching, clinical research and service. 

Volunteers are our heroes. They tell us they find the experience rewarding, inspiring and eye-opening, and truth be told, we think the same of them.

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High School Students

We are excited to host the “Careers in Healthcare” discussion panel, a virtual webinar series hosted by Yale New Haven Health System Volunteer Services. The next webinar is 11 am - Noon, Jan. 17.

The webinar features panelists who are in clinical roles at YNHH. They will discuss the personal and academic challenges they have faced in pursuing their professional objectives. (Find out more about the panelists.)

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