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call for proposals

Call for Proposals

Do you have a solution with the potential to radically improve health and save lives? The Center for Health Care Innovation is launching its inaugural YNHHS Innovation Award in 2022. All Yale New Haven Health employees and Yale University faculty are invited to submit proposals with the potential to translate promising technologies and research from the lab to enable these life saving tools to reach the people we serve. 

focus areas 


All Yale New Haven Health employees and Yale University faculty are eligible to apply for the YNHHS Innovation Award.

Award Selection

Applications will be screened for completeness and basic eligibility requirements for an initial screen. Semi-finalists will be identified and invited to deliver a 10-minute pitch to an expert, judging panel. Winning selections will be determined based on:  1) unmet medical need,  2) likelihood of technical success, 3) novelty, 4) business model and competitive landscape, and 5) team composition and skills/background.

Diversity Statement

We are passionate about fostering inclusive innovation that promotes and values diversity. Collectives that are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to generate better outcomes. We believe in creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can participate. We encourage applicants from all groups, including women, veterans, LGBTQ (Pride & Allies), BIPOC and any others not mentioned, to apply.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property practices or guidelines of each respective institution will apply to employed awardees. Review the Employee Innovation and Intellectual Property Guidelines. Employees of Yale University can find relevant information at Yale Ventures.

Proposal FAQs

What is the F&A Rate (%)?
These awards will be treated as internal awards and the indirect rate for Yale members is 0% (indirect rate).

Is there a guideline for the amount of personnel effort (%)?
The personnel effort should be commensurate with the time required to complete the project milestones and within the maximum amount of the award. Applicants are encouraged to use award funding for the most significant aspects of the projects where funding is necessary.

What is the maximum timeline/duration?
All projects should detail a timeline as to when milestones will be completed. The total timeline will be project specific but should not exceed 18 months.

Key Dates

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Final Deadline for Proposals

Aug. 3
Finalists Selected

Mid-August 2022
Awards Announced

Submission Instructions


Step 1: Download the proposal template

Step 2: Complete template and save as .pdf

Step 3: Include team details

Do you have a completed resume for team members? 

: If so please have these ready to submit
No: Please complete biosketches for key personnel using the attached template:

- Biosketch template
  (fillable pdf)
- Biosketch sample

Step 4:  If you need any help with these steps you can contact our team at [email protected] for assistance.

Step 5: Submit proposal using button on this page