Center for Health Care Innovation
Better patient care through challenge, collaboration and change.

Our Center for Health Care Innovation enhances the lives of people we serve through disruptive innovations and initiatives that transform healthcare delivery

Challenge We challenge people from all areas, industries and backgrounds to identify problems in health care.
Collaborate We collaborate with clinical and non-clinical individuals to identify, foster and scale healthcare innovation.
changeWe change patient’s lives through creative, innovative problem solving designed to improve the delivery of care.


Together, we create viable solutions with impact.

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As leaders in providing expert clinical care and breakthroughs in research, Yale New Haven Health and Yale University, including its world-renowned School of Medicine, have established a unified lighthouse for creating, identifying, fostering and scaling healthcare innovations. Together we create a culture of innovation and ingenuity, which are paramount to who we are as an organization.

About the Center for Health Care Innovation

Innovators and entrepreneurs now have a new channel to explore the next big innovation in the healthcare space.

The Center acts as a catalyst for health innovation. We focus on novel approaches in digital health, medical devices, care delivery, finance and management. To enhance success, we have assembled knowledgeable leaders and decision makers to guide the strategic evaluation, investment and development of initiatives to ensure that your idea receives proper attention and resources.

The Center welcomes innovation proposals from individuals outside of health care along with those employed across Yale New Haven Health, Yale University and all affiliates.

Innovation can’t be pigeonholed. The best problem-solvers come from every walk of life. Together we will improve health care – one inventive solution at a time.

Focus Areas

The Center is interested in novel and disruptive innovations in the following areas:
  • Digital Health
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Care Delivery
  • Finance
  • Management
The following are out of scope:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biosimilars 

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For the Yale New Haven Health and Yale University community

Have a solution that would advance health care innovation or address a clinical pain point?


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For Industry

Our partners extend our reach and ability to enhance patient care. If you share in our vision and are interested in piloting a healthcare solution, please submit an executive summary of your innovative product/solution and a non-confidential slide deck with details about your opportunity and team.

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Contact us at: [email protected]

The Center for Health Care Innovation is a collaborative partnership
between Yale New Haven Health and Yale University.