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Iovino, Gupta, Gagliardi

York Street Campus
Stephanie Iovino, RN, Women's Center, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude. She was caring for a patient who had arrived for an obstetrical visit after her due date. Iovino noticed a discrepancy about a procedure date in the patient's record. She cross-checked with Labor and Delivery and made inquiries about the procedure. After Iovino escalated her concerns, the procedure was performed at the correct time and the baby was safely delivered.

Saint Raphael Campus
Elisa Gagliardi RN, Stroke/ Telemetry unit (Verdi 5 East), was recognized for practicing 200% accountability and speaking up for safety. Neil Gupta, MD, Adult Primary Care, was recognized for accepting a questioning attitude, showing attention to detail and 200% accountability. Gagliardi voiced concerns about a patient showing symptoms of stroke progression, including behavioral difficulties and fluctuating mental status. Dr. Gupta acknowledged her concerns and investigated, and the patient was placed on medication therapy.