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Re-badging update: Using new, and old, badges

As new photo ID badges are rolled out, the hospital is installing new Kronos time clocks in locations where employees have received new badges, along with some high-traffic areas throughout the hospital.

In certain locations, there will be both new and old time clocks until all staff receive new ID badges. Employees who have not yet received a new badge should continue to swipe in and out on the old time clocks. Employees who have a new photo ID badge should use the new time clocks, which have proximity readers. Instructions on use are posted near the new clocks.

While new badges will work with the new time clocks, it might take up to a week for new badges to work for other functions, including parking, building access and cafeteria cash registers. To ensure employees can continue to access these functions, staff at the re-badging centers will punch holes in the old badges to indicate that a new badge has been issued, but allow employees to use the old badge for parking and other functions.

  • Employees should not wear or use the two badges together; this can cause interference with the proximity readers.
  • Once the new badge works for all functions, employees should turn their old badges in to their manager or Protective Services.
  • Employees must turn their old badges in to Protective Services within 30 days of receiving a new badge.

The hospital rollout is scheduled to begin this month for new clocks and rebranded badges. The project will be phased in by locations over several months. Instructions on when, where and how to get a new badge will be provided to employees in each location at the appropriate time.

For more information, call 203-200-4343 (203-200-IDID). Details on re-badging, including the new badge format, are on the employee intranet; scroll down the home page for a link to the re-badging page.