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September PEACE winners

Recipients of the Patient Experience Award for Caring and Excellence (PEACE) are honored with two trophies – one for the winning employee to keep and one for the employee's department to display for the month until the next PEACE recipients are named.


Saint Raphael Campus

When Janice Oestreicher, RN, (left) and Eileen Sudol, RN, who carpool together, arrived for their shifts at the SRC one morning, they saw a man collapse on the floor of the parking garage. Both sprang into action: Sudol started compressions; Oestreicher called 911, then acted as traffic cop to safeguard Sudol and the man as she continued CPR. The man responded and was brought to the Emergency Department.


York Street Campus

A couple admitted for a scheduled C-section anticipated delivering a healthy baby boy, but the newborn became critically ill and required breathing support. Maternity and Newborn Care staff cared for the distraught parents after the baby was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, papering the walls with inspirational words and phrases. When Ivette Medina, RN (back row, sixth from left) learned that the couple's anniversary occurred while they were in the hospital, she arranged a special dinner for the parents to enjoy. The staff and the parents learned from each other, with appreciation, respect and kindness flowing both ways.

Anyone, including patients and their families, may nominate a YNHH employee, physician or volunteer who displays the values of compassion, integrity, accountability, patient-centeredness and respect. Nominations should include details to help illustrate the story of why the person is worthy of the nomination. Send nominations to: [email protected].