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During Healthcare Simulation Week, SYN:APSE highlights its work

National Healthcare Simulation Week, Sept. 13 - 19, provided an opportunity to recognize the work of Yale New Haven’s SYN:APSE Simulation Center, particularly during the COVID crisis.

At the start of the pandemic, the center team was asked to weigh in on safety and help review health system processes. Since then, the team has been involved in numerous projects throughout YNHHS. In 2021, the center successfully coordinated nearly 500 simulations and events.

The pandemic prompted the Simulation Center to adapt simulations and faculty training to use virtual platforms and coaching. During virtual simulations, vital signs were presented over Zoom, requiring learners to react to changes in real time. In July, the center hosted its second annual virtual Neonatal Boot Camp, for pediatric physician residents and fellows throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

The Simulation Center also holds small-group sessions at its Howard Avenue facility, allowing learners to participate in simulations and debriefing exercises while maintaining social distancing and other safety protocols. 

SYN:APSE has also continued providing instruction in YNHHS hospitals, using high-fidelity manikins that can simulate heart and lung sounds and other functions. Simulation Center technology has allowed for remote learning from multiple locations. 

SYN:APSE programs are not limited to clinical staff; the team also provides simulation and training to the Food and Nutrition, Environmental Services and Patient Transport departments.

As part of COVID efforts, the SYN:APSE team has helped develop vaccinator training and conducted safety visits to vaccination sites. Team members worked with staff across YNHHS on employee well-being initiatives, including employee wellness check-ins, peer coaching, and a “Thriving Clinician” interactive training module that won a platinum award for video in health care from a prestigious organization.

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