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Epic tool helps patients share personal information with providers to enhance care


YNHHS recently implemented Patient Story, a tool in Epic’s MyChart that gives patients the option of sharing additional information with their clinicians. To view this information, providers hover over an icon in Patient Storyboard in Epic. 

Yale New Haven Health recently launched Patient Story, a MyChart tool that gives patients the option of sharing information about their lives beyond what is in their medical record.

Patients may complete a short Patient Story questionnaire about their lifestyles, including hobbies and interests, religious or cultural traditions, and any concerns they have about their care. Participation in Patient Story is voluntary, and patients do not have to answer all of the questions.

Clinicians can access participating patients’ responses by hovering over an icon within Epic Storyboard on the patient’s chart.

“Patient Story is designed to support treatment and improve the patient experience by giving clinicians a more holistic view of their patients,” said Gary Caisse, executive director, Clinical Applications, Information Technology Services. 

YNHHS previously used a similar tool that was integrated with Epic. Advances in MyChart over the past few years allowed ITS to implement Patient Story within Epic at no additional cost. 

To complete the Patient Story questionnaire, patients can log into their MyChart account and choose “Patient Story” on their home page. Patients without MyChart can sign up at