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YNHHS Innovation Awards

Lead Eliza Myers, MD
Team Eliza Myers, MD; Laura DeFrancesco; Michelle DeWitt; Rick Meskill; Chas Cota; Trevor Young

EMR integrated mobile app, allowing real time clinician review of human milk production in order to support initiation and maintenance of human milk supply in up to1,500 hospitalized parent-baby dyads annually.

Target Impact Increasing use of parent’s own milk in our system NICUs, thereby reducing substantial bedside and surgical costs related to donor milk use, hospital complications, length of stay, and readmissions while materially impacting the quality of care for both parents and babies.
Project Lead's Vision Human milk saves lives. For babies, parent’s own milk is as critical as customized medicine, protecting against infection and providing gold standard nutrition. For parents, expressing milk yields lifelong metabolic benefits and protection against some cancers. This tool empowers parents to engage with the medical team, and brings patient-entered data directly to clinicians for review and action. My vision is that TrackMyMilk changes the landscape of human milk use in our system NICUs, driving equitable and skilled lactation support across our system.