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dr solomon

An interview with Pediatric surgeon Daniel Solomon, MD

Recently, Dr. Solomon began treating patients at Bridgeport Hospital and Park Avenue Medical Center in Trumbull, expanding pediatric services in the Bridgeport area.

What are the most common pediatric surgeries you perform?

Our surgeries can range from minor elective procedures to operations for life-threatening conditions and trauma. Appendicitis and hernias, in the abdomen or navel areas, are the most common conditions we see.

What types of special procedures do you perform that other hospitals/providers do not?

We can, and do, operate on newborns who were born premature and weigh less than two pounds.

What procedures are now performed on an outpatient basis that previously could not be?

We are working on a program for same-day discharge after an appendectomy. It’s notable that back in 1930, these patients required a hospital stay, but now, patients can go home from the recovery room. Typically, children can return to sports in one to two weeks.

What are the most common concerns parents have about their child’s surgery?

All parents want to know that their child will be safe. But what I love about pediatric surgery is that the majority of the time, kids are expected to do so well that parents can stop worrying if their child will be OK, and start to wonder how quickly they can be back at school, sports or vacations.

How about the children themselves? What are their questions?

Kids have the same concerns that adults do. They worry if the surgery will hurt, or how long it will be before they can go back to their favorite activities. I speak honestly to them and their families – it is the best way to address their fears and manage their expectations. But in the end, I promise kids that surgery is never as bad as they think it is going to be.

What steps do you take to ease the concerns of your young patients to help procedures go more smoothly?

We have a multidisciplinary team of caregivers, including pediatric anesthesiologists and child life specialists who focus on making our patients comfortable by using preoperative tours, demonstrations before surgery, music therapy, video games and a play room. I don’t think enough good things can be said about the strengths and qualities of our team in pediatric surgery.

For more information on pediatric services visit Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, Bridgeport campus.