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Spring 2015

Ask the Experts: SurgEase Ambulatory Surgery Center

Q&A about the SurgEase Ambulatory Surgery Center at Bridgeport Hospital with its medical director, Jairo Eduardo Castillo, MD

Ask the Experts: SurgEase Ambulatory Surgery Center

Q. What is SurgEase and where is it located?

A: SurgEase offers outpatient surgery for procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay. Although SurgEase is on the Bridgeport Hospital campus, it is a separate facility, with its own entrance on Mill Hill Avenue for easy access. It includes six operating rooms reserved for SurgEase patient needs, has its own staff of anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and support personnel, and the latest technology.

Q. What procedures are performed there?

A: The center offers a broad spectrum of outpatient procedures, from neonatal surgery to complex orthopedic procedures for the elderly. We receive full support from the hospital in maintaining the highest level of expertise and technological capabilities so we remain at the leading edge of the services we offer.

Q. How and why are patients scheduled for procedures at SurgEase?

A: Area surgeons refer their patients to SurgEase for several reasons. Our staff takes pride in promoting a culture of safety and comfort. We offer the latest techniques to achieve patient satisfaction like perineural blocks for pain and aggressive prevention of post-operative nausea and discomfort.

Our efficient scheduling process enables surgeons to quickly obtain an operating room and we maintain communication to ensure we meet any unforeseen scheduling needs. Being within the hospital also gives us immediate access to expertise in fields like pediatrics, cardiology, radiology, pathology, and pediatric and cardiovascular anesthesia, to name a few.

Q. How are children’s needs met at SurgEase?

A: Children are a very important part of our patient group. They are referred from physicians in general surgery; ear, nose and throat; urology; radiology; and pediatric dentistry. We also care for children with special needs. The journey for a family begins with a tour of our facilities. Parents can consult with our pediatric anesthesiologists, and we also educate them about what they and their child will experience through our certified child life specialists.

On the day of surgery, our child life specialists and pediatric anesthesiologist interact with the children to reduce stress through play therapy, as well as preoperative sedation.

Q. How long does a patient typically stay at SurgEase?

A: Length of stay depends on the complexity of the procedure and any related health issues. A patient is discharged from SurgEase when all the criteria of safety, comfort and education objectives are fully met. On routine procedures, a patient goes home 45 - 60 minutes after arriving in the recovery room.

Q. What are the benefits to patients of SurgEase?

A: In simple terms, our patients receive excellent care in a facility specifically designed for outpatients with the added safeguard of having immediate access to a hospital that offers a full spectrum of high-quality care and advanced technology.