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Florence would be proud

Congratulations to the 25 YNHH nurses who received Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing and were honored during a Nov. 12 virtual celebration. VNA South Central established the Nightingale Award, which is named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.


This year’s YNHH Nightingales included (l-r): Austin Orser, RN, Wound Healing Center; Kimberly Rivera, RN, Adult Trauma; and Bradley Johnson, RN, MICU, Saint Raphael Campus.



York Street Campus Nightingales included (l-r): Nichole Ciccone, RN, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Long Wharf; Diane Perrone, RN, Adult PACU; Iris Zollarcoffer, RN, EP 8-8 Observation; Ann Drabinski, APRN, Walsh Intermediate Health Center; and Kim Douglas, RN, and Kelley Mudzinski, RN, Medicine 4-7.

Nightingales not pictured are: Chizuru Bosley, RN, Medicine 5-5; Jeanne Burke, RN, Heart and Vascular Center Procedural Nursing; Christopher Chmura, RN, Emergency Department; Kathy Dingus, LPN, Women’s Services, Gynecologic Oncology; Karen Frank, RN, Neuro ICU; Keith Goodson, RN, Pre- Surgical Evaluation; Mary Judson, RN, YSC SICU; Mark Lewis, RN, Medicine 6-7; Rosa Mascola, RN, Medicine 10 7/8; Karen Merrill, RN, Medicine 9-5; Wendy Meyers, RN, Children’s Sedation Services; Jessie Moore, RN, Bariatric Surgery; Michaela Pesce, RN, Celentano 4; Leigh Rooney, RN, Medical Oncology, Smilow; Kathleen Sciarappa, RN, Nursing Resource Pool; and Winsome Smith, RN, Apheresis.