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Employees earn PEACE recognition

PEACE award

Marie Pulito, RN; Mary Inglese

These employees received PEACE (Patient Experience Award for Caring and Excellence) recognition for going above and beyond to meet patients’ and families’ needs.

Marie Pulito, RN, lactation nurse specialist, Lactation Program, was honored for actions of genuine care and concern for a breastfeeding mother who had been in an accident. The patient had suffered serious injuries, including the loss of part of her hand. Recognizing the patient’s distress, Pulito sought help from Stephanie Wajda, RN, a postpartum nurse who had been born without a fully developed limb and had nursed her two children. She asked the nurse to speak with the patient about her challenges and answer any questions – an interaction that positively impacted and empowered both the patient and the nurse.

Mary Inglese, Diagnostic Radiology manager, Shoreline Medical Center, was recognized for going above and beyond for a new mother. The patient had been brought in for chest imaging due to unexplained shortness of breath after delivery. Before the exam, the patient removed her jewelry as the technologist requested. After returning home, the patient realized she had left a valuable necklace at the center but had no way of getting back to retrieve it. Inglese drove to the patient’s home to return the necklace. The woman was extremely grateful and expressed her thanks for an exceptional patient experience.

All employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible for the monthly PEACE recognition. Send nominations to [email protected].