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Marna Borgstrom shared her views of the value YNHHS offers patients and other providers.

Marna Borgstrom discussed Yale New Haven Health System's strategy by addressing four basic questions:

  • What will it take to be successful?
    Regardless of how health care is paid for, providing unparalleled value to our patients will be key. Value means offering safe, high-quality care and service at a competitive cost/price point. This is a tall order but with the engagement of our entire team — our managers, staff, YMG, NEMG and community physicians, our community advocates — we will succeed.
  • What do we have in place?
    We are a strong organization because we have embraced patient care and safety, the concept of offering destination services, and the need for greater cost effectiveness. We have built system infrastructure in information technology, human resources and supply chain to name a few. We have thoughtfully selected and invested in partners including our corporate members — Bridgeport and Greenwich hospitals and Northeast Medical Group — as well as various clinical and network participants, such as Bristol and St. Francis. We also have a terrific brand — the name Yale New Haven connotes excellence. But we can't just assume that; we have to continue to earn it every day.
  • What are we continuing to build?
    We are building an integrated system that will help us offer value — not only in traditional acute care but across a continuum of services, across a broad geographic region. The planned relationship with Lawrence + Memorial Health System in New London is part of that. It will allow us to offer services in eastern Connecticut/western Rhode Island with strong partners who are also building a service continuum.
  • What does the future hold?
    We are a great episodic healthcare system right now. But we need to become more oriented toward health, not episodes of illness or injury. We will continue to partner with other providers so that together, we will care for patients not just when they are in the hospital, but before they even have to be and, if they are admitted, after they are discharged. When people refer to population health, that is generally what they mean. It is a big, important transformation and it cannot happen overnight. And it is the ultimate team sport and this is the team to do it.