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New Standards of Professional Behavior now part of performance reviews

The YNHHS Standards of Professional Behavior have been rolled out across the health system and are now part of all performance reviews. The behaviors replace the old core success factors on previous evaluations.

Definitions for “successful” and “outstanding” have been enhanced to better differentiate those levels of high performance, with “outstanding” being reserved for exceptional performance. The definitions are:
  • Not demonstrated: Does not demonstrate this behavior
  • Partially met: Inconsistently demonstrates this behavior
  • Successful: Consistently demonstrates this behavior
  • Outstanding: Is a role model and inspires others to demonstrate this behavior

Each employee is encouraged to complete a self-evaluation, using the new evaluation tool and definitions. Managers will also use the definitions in assessing performance and giving feedback.

The annual performance review is an in-depth discussion between an employee and his/her manager about performance over the past year. One of the most important ways to have a successful conversation with your manager is to prepare for it.

Employees can access a helpful handout, “Preparing for Your Performance Review,” on Employee Self Service.

“Employees and physicians throughout our system have responded very positively to our new Standards of Behavior,” said Kevin A. Myatt, YNHHS senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “Many employees have noted how closely aligned the health system’s values and professional behaviors are with their own personal values.”