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PEACE recognition announced

PEACE award

These employees received PEACE (Patient Experience Award for Caring and Excellence) recognition for going above and beyond to meet patients’ and families’ needs.

EP 6-5 and Bed Management staff were honored for actions of caring and compassion on behalf of a patient who arrived on the unit after surgery. The patient’s husband, who was a patient on another unit, had a poor prognosis and was on comfort measures as his condition worsened. EP 6-5 staff worked closely with Bed Management to move the couple into one room on EP 6-5 so they could be together during the husband’s final hours.

PEACE AwardJebrell Hooks, food service associate, was honored for going above and beyond the scope of his responsibilities.

While delivering food trays to patients on SP 5-3, he discovered a visitor acting out against a patient. Without a thought for his own safety, Hooks immediately got between the two, preventing further harm to the patient.

All employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible for the monthly PEACE recognition. Send nominations to: [email protected].