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From left, Beth Anderson, Alicia Dias, RN, and Kasey Hindinger, RN.

York Street Campus

Alicia Dias, RN, and Kasey Hindinger, RN, Pediatric Surgery Clinic, were recognized for practicing questioning attitudes and escalating their concerns for a pediatric patient with a leg fracture. Because the patient was to be directly admitted and did not come through the Pediatric Emergency Department, a specific screening tool for young children with trauma was not in place. Because of Dias' and Hindinger's actions, the DART (Detection Assessment Referral and Treatment) Team determined that the state Department of Children and Families should be notified. The nurses' efforts prevented further harm to the patient and identified an opportunity for improvement in their department, which is now developing a protocol for trauma in children.

Saint Raphael Campus

Beth Anderson, assistant chief technologist, Diagnostic Radiology/CT Scan, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude. When a patient was scheduled for an imaging procedure, she noticed that a previous notation about the patient's allergy to contrast material had been removed from the chart. After questioning the patient, Anderson escalated her concerns about the patient's history up several levels and it was discovered that the allergy notation should be added back into the chart with updated symptoms. The patient was later safely scanned using an alternative method.