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YNHHS announces 2022 compensation and benefits plan

Yale New Haven Health has announced details of the 2022 compensation and benefits program. The comprehensive and competitive package includes changes made in response to employee feedback and concerns, such as lower deductibles for Tier 2 of the YNHHS Medical Plan and updates to PTO payouts for employees with impending retirements.

“The 2022 compensation and benefits plan is a Total Rewards program created to reward, engage and retain employees and attract new talent to our organization,” said Melissa B. Turner, senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “Despite significant financial losses over the last 18 months, we are proud to offer a program that is consistent with our values, while being comprehensive, contemporary and cost-effective.”

Questions and answers covering the highlights of the YNHHS 2022 Compensation and Benefits program:  

Compensation program 

Will employees receive raises or an increase in pay?
YNHHS values its staff and is pleased to provide a pay increase this year. Despite the health system’s financial challenges, there will be a salary increase of 4 percent for most employees beginning Nov. 21, effective with the Dec. 9, 2021 paycheck.

Are all employees eligible for the pay increase?
Per-diem employees and those above the executive director level are not eligible for the increase. Employees at their salary range maximum will receive a lump-sum payment. Employees hired after Nov. 21, 2020 will have a prorated increase based on hire date.  

Will there be a PIP payout this year?
Yes, there will be a Performance Incentive Program (PIP) payout in December 2021, based on FY21 performance on PIP goals. Results vary by delivery network and will be announced later this fall.

PTO program 

What are the changes to the PTO program for 2022?
The eligibility age for full payout of PTO balances upon retirement was lowered. For 2022, employees will receive 100 percent of their PTO balance at retirement if they are 62 or older (lowered from age 65), have 10 or more years of service and retire on or before Dec. 31, 2022. Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, employees who retire or leave the organization will receive 50 percent of their PTO balance.

The second PTO change applies to a select group of employees at the Health Services Corp., Northeast Medical Group, Grimes and Yale New Haven Hospital who are grandfathered at 1.5 times the maximum PTO hours. For this limited number of employees, the timeframe to reduce PTO balances has been extended from 2022 to 2024. The phased-in schedule of reductions to achieve the required thresholds is:

  • PTO balance to 450 or fewer hours by Dec. 31, 2022
  • PTO balance to 400 or fewer hours by Dec. 31, 2023
  • PTO balance to 320 (1x) or fewer hours by Dec. 31, 2024

The minimum 80 hours of PTO employees are required to use annually will count toward each year’s reduced hours. Any hours over each threshold will be forfeited.

Will the PTO Cash-in program continue?

No. The PTO Cash-in program ended last year.

YNHHS medical plan

Will the YNHHS medical plan continue to include three tiers?
Yes. The YNHHS medical plan design remains the same for 2022, with three tiers and the level of coverage based on the providers and facilities you choose. With just a single plan, the tier is determined at the point of service.

  • Tier 1- Signature Network is the “in-system” network offering the lowest out-of-pocket costs for using YNHHS and other facilities and providers included in the Signature Network. Additional Signature Network advantages include flat copays, no deductibles and no coinsurance for an inpatient or outpatient visit within the network (including physician professional fees). 

  • Tier 2 - Anthem PPO Network includes facilities and providers that are not part of the YNHHS Signature Network, but are covered by Anthem.
  • Tier 3 - Out-of-Network includes facilities and providers outside the Signature Network and not covered by Anthem. Out-of-pocket costs/maximums could be significantly higher.

Will medical plan copays and premiums remain the same in 2022?
Yes. There will be no increase to copays and no increase in employee premiums for most employees in 2022 (Grimes and Home Care Plus employees will see a slight increase in premiums). Employee medical premiums will continue to be based on salary; and employees who meet certain salary requirements and have completed Know Your Numbers will continue to be eligible for free medical coverage. 

Are there any changes to the YNHH medical plan for 2022?
Yes – a very important change. The deductibles for Tier 2 providers and facilities will be reduced by 50 percent. This significant cost-savings change was made to help ease the financial burden for employees and their dependents who live outside of the YNHHS service area and can’t use Tier 1 facilities and providers. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, the Tier 2 deductible will be reduced from $3,500 for an individual/$7,000 for a family to $1,750 for individuals/$3,500 per family.  

Any changes to the dental or vision plans?
Yes – both have been enhanced. The VSP Vision Plan will begin offering the “LightCare” benefit with an allowance for non-prescription sunglasses or blue light-filtering glasses. The Delta Dental Plan increases fluoride treatments from 1 to 2 per year for children and periodontal cleanings from 2 to 4 per year for adults.

Money has been deducted from my paycheck all year for the Connecticut Family Medical Leave (FML) tax. Are YNHHS employees eligible for paid family leave?
Yes. Effective Jan. 1, 2022, employees working in Connecticut may be eligible for a leave of absence and reimbursed for a portion of their pay by the state. CT paid leave may cover up to 12 weeks of paid leave every 12 months for one’s own illness, a family members’ illness, bonding time with a new baby or military service. At the same time, CT Family Medical Leave (FML) can cover up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave every 12 months for eligible employees. More details will be available on these new programs this fall.

Where can I find more information about the 2022 benefits plan?
There is much more information about employee benefits, including flexible spending accounts (FSA); voluntary benefits; benefits supporting professional development and tuition reimbursement; and retirement savings plans. Visit for a summary of benefits, details on the medical, dental, vision and prescription plans and a list of Tier 1 Signature Plan providers and facilities,. Questions? Visit HRConnect, YNHHS’ benefits service center, or call 844-543-2147, option 1.

All of the employee compensation and benefits detailed in this article are applicable except where expressly superseded by a collective bargaining agreement.

Open enrollment is under way

Open enrollment for 2022 benefits runs from now through Nov. 5, 2021. Eligible employees should elect benefits, enroll in flexible spending accounts, and confirm dependents and beneficiaries.

Eligible employees enrolled in a YNHHS medical plan who do not enroll during open enrollment will default to their same 2021 coverage for next year. Those who currently waive coverage will default to waived coverage. 

Benefits information and a link to the open enrollment form are at; HRConnect at; or by calling 844-543-2147 Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5 pm.

An open enrollment announcement postcard was scheduled to arrive at employees’ homes the week of Oct. 19.