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New wayfinding app uses GPS to escort hospital patients, visitors to the right places 

Hospitals and outpatient medical centers can be confusing mazes of hallways, offices and tunnels for patients, visitors and staff to navigate. 

Studies show that even with internal signage, patients may miss appointments or waste time asking for directions, leading to stress and dissatisfaction. That’s why Yale New Haven Health is launching a free wayfinding app, Yale New Haven Go, to help patients and visitors get to their destinations at locations across the health system using their smartphones and devices.

“Most people are stressed when they go to the hospital or to their doctor’s office. The last thing they need is additional stress with questions like, ‘Where do I park? How do I get to patient registration? Where can I get a cup of coffee?’” said Tim Cooney, director, Information Technology Services Web Services. “Our app uses GPS to escort people from point A to point B with clearly marked routes. It’s similar to driving navigation systems like Waze or Google Maps.”

Yale New Haven Go is available at Bridgeport, Greenwich, Lawrence + Memorial, Westerly and Yale New Haven hospitals, including Bridgeport Hospital’s Milford Campus and the Park Avenue Medical Center. The app also covers the YNHHS emergency departments, walk-in/urgent care centers and Northeast Medical Group centers.

People can download the Yale New Haven Go app from the App Store or Google Play or scan a QR code at each destination. 

GPS guides people, step-by-step, to patient rooms, offices, cafeterias/vending machines, restrooms, patient registration, imaging and lab locations, gift shops, ATMs and more.

“Another great service is called ‘My Parking Reminder.’ Using the app, you can pin your location in designated parking areas, so you’ll always remember where you parked your vehicle,” Cooney said. “When it’s time to leave, the app will lead you back to your parked car.”

The app, created by robotic mapping company Gozio Health, also provides quick access to web-based features such as a physician locator, COVID-19 vaccine information, bill payment, price estimator and on-demand video visits.

qr code

Use this QR code to download the free Yale New Haven Go wayfinding app from Apple.

qr code

Use this QR code to download the free app from Google Play (for Android).