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great catch

Lauren Borkowski; Daisy Leon-Martinez, MD

Great Catch winners help YNHH become a high reliability organization

Congratulations to these Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.

Lauren Borkowski, emergency department technical associate, Shoreline Medical Center, was recognized for practicing a questioning attitude and escalating her concerns. She was returning wheelchairs to the entrance when she noticed a distraught woman in line at Triage. When Borkowski asked if she needed help, the woman said her husband was in the car and very ill. Borkowski helped bring the husband into the ED, where staff started an IV and obtained an EKG. During the procedure the patient coded, and the team successfully resuscitated him and had him transferred to the York Street Campus Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Thanks to Borkowski’s use of CHAMP behaviors, the patient received timely, life-saving treatment.

Daisy Leon-Martinez, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude with a patient booked for an invasive kidney procedure. During procedure planning, the patient was found to be approximately 20 weeks pregnant, but had not yet received prenatal care. On the day of the procedure, Dr. Leon-Martinez conducted a preliminary obstetric consult. Suspecting the patient was actually further along in her pregnancy, Dr. Leon-Martinez thoroughly reviewed the patient’s record, spoke with the patient in her native language and concluded that the patient was likely at 27 weeks gestation. After the procedure, the patient was admitted to Maternal Special Care for overnight observation, where she soon developed signs of sepsis and fetal bradycardia. An emergency cesarean section was performed and the baby was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.