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Expanded Telehealth Services give employees the right health care at the right time

Beginning Monday, July 12, Occupational Medicine and Wellness Services (OMWS) will offer expanded Occupational Telehealth Services to YNHHS employees. 

In March 2020, OMWS began offering COVID-related telehealth services through the COVID-19 Call Center. The department will continue offering COVID support services to employees and medical staff, along with the newly expanded telehealth services. These expanded services will provide enhanced access to dedicated Occupational Medicine nurses who will help employees get the right work-related health care at the right time. Expanding telehealth services will help reduce employees’ time away from their units or departments, clinic wait times and employee travel time. 

To reach Occupational Telehealth Services, employees should call the Employee Resource Center at 844-543-2147, option 2. Occupational Medicine nurses will be available 7 am - 5 pm Mon. - Fri. (except holidays), and 8 am – noon Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Occupational Telehealth Services will address employee needs related to:  

  • Workers’ compensation injury or exposure assessment to determine the need for immediate care or a scheduled appointment.
  • First report of injury (FROI) instructions, reducing the time between the injured worker’s initial in-take and completion of injury reporting. 
  • First aid recommendations and stay-at-work guidance for minor cuts/abrasions, bruises, dermatitis, etc.
  • Simple return-to-work clearances for non work-related conditions.  

Additional benefits of Occupational Telehealth Services include reporting and regulatory compliance support, increased productivity and an enhanced employee experience.