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Get Ready to Launch With Know Your Numbers Plus 2024

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Employees can earn valuable credit toward their 2025 YNHHS Medical Plan premium cost by learning about their health from a biometric screening and health assessment, going to the dentist, attending a YNHHS Employee and Family Resources (EFR) workshop, or by participating in a charity walk/run/bike event, among other activities.

Yale New Haven Health’s 2024 Know Your Numbers (KYN) Plus program returns this month, allowing benefits-eligible employees hired on or before Aug. 11, 2024, to earn up to $500 toward their 2025 YNHHS Medical Plan premium - and more.

KYN Plus is YNHHS’ annual wellbeing incentive program, which supports employees’ physical, social, emotional and financial wellness. The program, which can provide key insights into current health status and future risks, consists of a biometric screening, health assessment and personal choice activities.

Biometric screenings measure blood pressure, cholesterol, height, weight and body mass index. The health assessment is an online questionnaire that evaluates an individual’s health status, risks and habits. Employees must complete both to earn any premium incentive, and the two activities will earn $300 toward the $500 maximum premium credit.

“We are pleased to present the 2024 Know Your Numbers Plus program to our employees, and to help them achieve their health goals through our new ‘Next-Step Consult’ activity,” said Melissa Turner, YNHHS senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “This new offering is based on employee feedback that will allow them to take next steps toward improving their health once they know their numbers.” 

To earn credit, employees must first register on the Virgin Pulse platform. To enroll visit If already enrolled, log in to the Virgin Pulse portal through Thrive on the intranet, or through Infor, under Employee Programs. Employees may also download and use the Virgin Pulse app to access the portal 24/7. 

Onsite biometric screenings will begin in June. Employees may schedule appointments for an onsite screening through the Virgin Pulse portal or have their screening as part of a preventative care visit with their primary care or ob/gyn physician, or at a participating CVS Pharmacy. The Online Health Assessment is also in the Virgin Pulse portal.

The table below lists eligible Personal Choice Activities available to 2024 KYN Plus participants and the credit value for each. Document eligible Personal Choice Activities completed between Sept. 1, 2023, and Aug. 23, 2024, to earn up to $200 additional medical premium credit toward the $500 maximum.

Any credit earned by completing Personal Choice Activities will not be applied until completion of a biometric screening and Online Health Assessment.

Personal Choice Activities  Credit Value
 Next-Step Consult (after biometric screening)  $150 one time
 *Dental visits (up to 2)  $50 each (up to $100)
 *Physical activity: 5K, walk, bike etc. or regular attendance at gym/LivingWell Fitness Center (at least tdree days per week)  $100 per event (up to $200)
 Step tracking: Track steps or active minutes tdrough Virgin Pulse Platform (at least 10 days/montd)  $50 one time 
 *Emotional wellbeing: Attend EFR workshops/trainings/meditations - up to two events  $100 per event (up to $200)
 *Social wellbeing: Volunteering in tde community (501c3 Organization for 3+ hours) -up to two events  $50 per event (up to $100)
 *Financial wellbeing: Participation in a retirement, budget, college coach, or otder financial event (up to two events)  $100 per event (up to $200)
 Total wellbeing: Participation in a healthy habit tracking challenge; completion of a wellness journey  $50 per activity (up to $100)

*Once completed, these activities must be entered into the Virgin Pulse portal.

Next-Step Consult is an enhancement from the LivingWellCares (LWC) Health Coaching program. Employees who meet the criteria from last year’s LWC program (Sept. 1, 2023, through July 1, 2024) will still be rewarded for their participation in this Personal Choice Activity. For more information, call HRConnect, 1-844-543-2147 (option 1), or email [email protected].

All KYN Plus activities must be completed and documented by Aug. 23, 2024. Employees will receive a postcard in the mail this month with details. For more information, call HR Connect or visit the KYN Plus page on the THRIVE intranet site.