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How stressed are you?

Why it’s important to check in with yourself, and where you can go for help

Feeling stressed, but not sure how to manage it? Unable to identify what triggers your anxiety or pinpoint a solution? Take the Yale New Haven Health and Yale Medicine confidential self-assessment survey to help you gauge your stress level and find resources designed to help you find healthy ways to cope.

The survey is anonymous; no personal information is collected. You can take it as many times as you like, which is a great way to track your stress over time. At the end of the survey, you will find a list of available resources, including the ability to schedule time with a counselor or other trained professionals.

“We tend to power through difficult situations without stopping to think about how they are affecting us or those around us,” said Amy Woznyk, director, Employee Health, Safety and Well-being. “Think of the self-assessment survey as a stepping-off point. It can help you confirm when you are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety and connect you with resources or providers who can help you work through it, together.”