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Advancing Care

November/December 2022

Do you really need a prostate exam? 

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advancing care

October 2022

What’s a bivalent COVID booster? Do I need one?

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September 2022

That ache in your belly: Is it a hernia?

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August 2022

Don’t get blindsided by dry eye syndrome...

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advancing care

July 2022

Summertime is sun time. We may spend our days soaking up the rays, but it’s important to learn to spot any potential problems on our skin. 

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advancing care

June 2022

Five signs you may have osteoarthritis ...

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advancing care

May 2022

You’re exhausted, even though you turned in early. Your partner complains that you’ve been snoring. Should you call your doctor?

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tired adult male

April 2022

It’s 2 am and you can’t sleep. The alarm clock is set to go off in just a few hours. Is it time to reach into the medicine cabinet?

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man, sleeping, alarm