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Interfacility Transfer with SkyHealth

SkyHealth requires the following information for interfacility transfer:

Referring hospitals

  • Patient diagnosis or chief complaint (definitive diagnosis not required)
  • Medications (e.g., drips currently running or you anticipate initiating). If information not available the number of drips will be adequate.
  • Does patient need
    • Intra-aortic balloon pump
    • Fetal heart monitor
    • Ventricular assist device
  • Patient weight in pounds. If the patient is more than 350 pounds we need to know if the supine abdominal height is greater than 17 inches.
  • Patient height in feet and inches

If possible:

  • Ask the patient or patient's family to sign the consent to transfer and ambulance billing form.
  • Have the physician, midlevel provider or RN complete the Medical Necessity for Air Medical Transport form.
  • Provide two copies of the patient chart.
  • Provide any written orders for medications and/or parameters for changing dosage.
  • Discontinue any infusions not required.
    • Draw up infusion meds in 60 cc syringes and label them appropriately:
      • Name
      • Concentration
      • Dosage or infusion rate

Prestage Flight Information

The prestage flight is designed for the critically ill patient who needs critical care air transport and all information normally collected may not be known. Requesting a prestage will help initiate helicopter assistance to your facility. To request a prestage, call Y Access Transfer Center at 888-YNHH-BED (888-964-4233) and indicate your call is a pre-stage flight. Please provide:

  • Hospital you are calling from
  • Approximate patient weight
  • Notice if you need balloon pump

Y Access will request the aircraft and get an ETA. We will need to be provided as soon as possible with patient's diagnosis, chief complaint, medications, and weight.


SkyHealth Billing Procedures

Yale New Haven Health's aviation partner, Med-Trans, Inc. is responsible for billing services. The patient will be contacted by a patient account representative. Yale New Haven Health relies on an individualized, patient advocacy approach to collections. For billing information, call 866-234-8201.