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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply to Yale New Haven Health System hospitals for Medical Staff or affiliated Medical Staff membership?

Currently, the types of professionals noted below may be members of the Medical Staff or Affiliated Medical Staff. Other types of professional health care providers may be employed by the individual hospitals but are not currently credentialed through the Medical Staff application process:

  • Medical Staff: MD, DO, DPM, DDS, DMD
  • Affiliated Staff: APRN, CNM, CRNA, PA, PhD
  • Greenwich and Yale New Haven Hospitals also currently credential surgical assistants (SA) as affiliated members of the Medical Staff
  • Yale New Haven Hospital also currently credentials audiologists and speech pathologists as affiliated members of its Medical Staff

What should I expect after returning my application?

Upon receipt of your application and the required documents as indicated on the Applicant Checklist, a staff member will review the materials and contact you concerning any outstanding documentation. If you have provided all of the required information, he or she will also begin processing your application by sending out requests for references to the individuals you have indicated on your application. Your professional school and any training programs will also be contacted directly for primary source verification of the information you provided on the application.

Who will my contact be to check on the status of my application?

A credentialing specialist is assigned to your application and responsible for working with you in completing the approval process. The credentialing specialist will contact you (or someone you designate) concerning any information or material that is required to complete your application. Keep in mind that each application is as unique as the individual applicant. Although you may have complied in submitting the materials noted on the applicant checklist, the application approval process is an iterative one, and often, additional information is needed as processing proceeds.

Each YNHHS member hospital is required to comply with specific and strict guidelines dictated by its accrediting body. The Joint Commission (TJC) as well as state of Connecticut hospital licensing laws and Medicare Conditions of Participation in processing and approving individuals for medical and affiliated Medical Staff membership and privileges. Please understand that the requirements set forth by these organizations must be followed in processing your application.

Do I have to have an interview?

Some clinical departments require that applicants have an interview before their application is approved. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact the department at the YNHHS hospitals at which he/she has applied for appointment and make arrangements for interviews. The names and contact phone numbers for the respective department chiefs, associate chiefs and section chiefs are listed under Medical Staff Leadership & Officers.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

Applications are as unique as each applicant. The credentialing process exists in order to thoroughly review the qualifications and experience of applicants to provide safe and appropriate care to our patients based upon their education, training and recent experience. The general timeframe for this process is around 60 calendar days from the time a complete application is submitted to the time the applicant may begin practicing in a YNHHS hospital. It is important to keep this in mind in terms of your practice start dates and any coverage you may provide in the hospital setting.

Additionally, please refer to "Tips for Completing your Application," which contains some suggestions for making the processing of your application easier and, therefore, quicker.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that can expedite or slow down the approval process. Some of these include:

  • the time it takes for your reference writers to respond to our reference requests
  • the extent to which you selected reference writers that have first-hand knowledge of your clinical practice and meet the requirements outlined under the Guidelines for Reference Writers applicable to your profession.
  • whether you have a Connecticut State License at the time your application is submitted

What happens after all of my materials, reference letters, etc. have been received and my application is considered complete?

At this point, your application is forwarded to the relevant clinical leaders at each YNHHS hospital to which you have applied for their review. Interviews may take place during this time or earlier in the application process depending upon the preference of the leader. Once the application has been approved by the department, it is forwarded to the Credentials Committee. Note that if you are applying for appointment to Greenwich Hospital, an interview with the Credentials Committee will be required.

The Credentials Committee reviews all applications on an ongoing basis. Once the Credentials Committee has approved your application, you will be notified. You may begin working at a YNHHS hospital and providing care to patients once you have been notified in writing by that specific hospital that your appointment has been approved. A brief medical staff orientation is required as part of the credentialing process if you are seeking appointment at Greenwich Hospital.

When do I get final approval?

In accordance with hospital regulatory bodies, final approval of medical or affiliated Medical Staff membership and privileges must be granted by the Hospital Board of Trustees.

How do I get temporary privileges?

In accordance with The Joint Commission, the accrediting body for YNHHS hospitals, temporary privileges may only be granted when an application is complete and approved by the Credentials Committee.

How often does the Credentials Committee meet?

At a minimum, the Credentials Committee formally meets monthly.

Can I still send in my application, even if I don't have a state of Connecticut medical license yet?

Although your application cannot be approved until you have a current state of Connecticut medical license, you are encouraged to submit your application while your state medical license application is pending. The responsible credentialing specialist can work on other aspects of your application while your licensure application is in process. Please be sure to contact the credentialing specialist as soon as you have received notification that your Connecticut state license has been issued.

Once I am on staff, will I have to pay any other fees?

For Greenwich Hospital:
Individuals who are appointed to the Categories of Active Attending and Active Referring (as well as the AFFILIATE) Medical Staff are required to pay Medical Staff dues every year. Active Staff dues are $200; Affiliate dues are $125. Checks should be made payable to Greenwich Hospital Medical Staff Fund. Please refer to the Medical Staff Bylaws for specific definitions of the various categories of Medical Staff.

For Bridgeport Hospital, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, Westerly Hospital, and Yale New Haven Hospital:
Individuals who are appointed to the Categories of Active Attending and Active Referring (as well as Courtesy) Medical Staff are required to pay Medical Staff dues every year in the amount of $100. This single dues payment of $100 covers your requirement for Bridgeport Hospital, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, Westerly Hospital, and Yale New Haven Hospital.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, for applicants to the Medical Staff, the fee is $350 and Affiliated Medical Staff applicants' fee is $250 regardless of which hospital(s) the applicant seeks an appointment. If you are already on staff at one of the YNHHS hospitals and are applying to another, you will not have to pay this fee. Payment must be submitted by the applicant and be received before any processing will begin. Application fees are non-refundable. If, for any reason, you withdraw your application or it remains incomplete, no refund will be provided.

You will receive an electronic invoice from YNHHS Application/Re-Appt. Fee ([email protected]) so that you may pay your fee online. Please click the link in the email to view and pay your fee. If you have any questions, please call the office at 203-688-2615 or email your credentialing specialist.