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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is Yale New Haven Health System’s (YNHHS) secure online tool for connecting private and referring providers and their staff to YNHHS Epic electronic health record systems to view information about their patients being cared for at a YNHHS facility or affiliated entity. EpicCare Link offers view-only access to a patient’s information such as hospitalizations, specialist referrals, and real-time clinical data and is compliant with state and federal regulations for the release of Protected Health Information (PHI).

What information is available within EpicCare Link?

With EpicCare Link you can view your patient’s lab results, diagnostic test results and reports, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medications, allergies, problem lists, medical history and more.

What are the advantages of EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link gives you real-time access to your patient’s health records, including test results, imaging reports and notification of outpatient visits, admissions, and discharges.

Is training required to use EpicCare Link?

No, training is not required. However, after logging into EpicCare Link, you will be provided access online videos and tipsheet on the EpicCare Link home page.  EpicCare Link was designed so that community providers and staff need minimal training to use it successfully. Users are trained with onscreen instructions and efficiency tips that guide users through their workflows the first time they access certain activities.

Is there a fee for using EpicCare Link?

No, there is no fee associated with EpicCare Link.  If you decide you would like to purchase YNHHS full Epic system for use in your office, a fee would be incurred.  This program, called Community Connect. Please contact Tracy D’Anna at tracy.d'[email protected] if you are interested in the program.

What technical set up does EpicCare Link require?

To access EpicCare Link you need a computer, a high-speed internet connection and an up-to-date browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).  You may access EpicCare Link via a tablet (e.g., iPad), but access via a Smartphone is not recommended as it is not optimized for smaller screens.  Please know that EpicCare Link uses industry standard encryption technology.

Who can use EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is available to:

  • Referring providers and their support staff
  • Community-based care partners, such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities

Can I share my EpicCare Link Username and password with colleagues at my site or any other individuals?

No, if you have access to EpicCare Link as a part of your job, it is so you can perform your duties in support of caring for patients. When you signed the EpicCare Link Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement, you agreed to keep this information private and not allow anyone else to use this information. You are responsible for any activity that occurs using your username and password. Even if you are called away from your computer and someone else is active with this information, you are responsible.  If it is found that your Username and password have been shared, this can be grounds for termination of access and reportable to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). If others at your site need EpicCare Link access, they can request their own account.

Can my staff access a patient's medical record on my behalf?

You can request EpicCare Link access for your staff. Each staff member will need to enroll in EpicCare Link, sign the EpicCare Link Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement and abide by rules of patient confidentiality. You and your staff will have appropriate access to your patient’s health records based on role.

How can I access EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a web-based portal that can be accessed at

Who should I contact if I am having problems accessing EpicCare Link?

Please contact the YNHHS Service Desk at 203-688-4357 or email them at [email protected] with your question/issue and a contact information. A ticket will be created, and someone will reach out to assist you. Please save the ticket number for reference.

How can I reset my Password?

If you have forgotten or need to reset your EpicCare Link password, contact the YNHHS Service Desk at 203-688-4357 for a password reset.

How long will I have access to EpicCare Link and view-only access to my patient’s information at YNHHS?

You will have access to your patient’s information for as long as you are listed as his/her Primary Care Provider (PCP) in YNHHS’s Epic system.  If your relationship with the patient is something other than as PCP, you will have access after you select a reason to view the patient’s chart.

You must log into YNHHS’s EpicCare Link portal once every 120 days in order to for your account to remain active. If your account becomes inactive, please resubmit the EpicCare Link Service request form.

How do I sign up for EpicCare Link?

Please visit our EpicCare Link webpage for sign-up information. Access is granted for one year and can be renewed.

How long does it take to get an account?

  • New Sites - Once you submit the EpicCare Link User request form(s) along with the signed Site License agreement, it generally takes 7-14 business days to process the request. This time can vary.  Once setup, the user’s account information will be emailed back to them directly.
  • Physicians/App’s/Existing sites - Once you submit the EpicCare Link User request form(s), it generally takes 7-14 business days to process the request. This time can vary.  Once setup, the user’s account information will be emailed back to them directly.