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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video visit?

Video visits – sometimes called telemedicine – allow you to receive health care and services from your provider who is in a different location.

Are video visits safe?

Yes, your personal and health information is safe. Our current solution for video visits meets the same HIPAA requirements that are used for in-person visits.

What is the difference between telehealth & telemedicine?

Telehealth refers to the broad category of electronic telecommunications technologies, including things like smartphone apps, while telemedicine is specific to remote doctor-patient services.

I am a new patient; can I have a video visit?

Yes. New patients can have a video visit, however, not all conditions are clinically appropriate for treatment via a video visit.

Can my child have a video visit?

Yes. But if your child’s age is 13 years or older, you will need to gain access to the child’s medical record as a parent/guardian. Even with access, some information for patients aged 13-17 is restricted for reasons of privacy. However, there are certain situations in which a parent/guardian of a patient aged 13-17 has full access. In all scenarios it is necessary to download both the MyChart app, as well as the Zoom app, for the video visit. Please contact your specific provider on how to obtain the needed access for your child.

What types of appointments can be done on video visits?

The types of appointments that can be done via video include some new patient visits, follow-up visits, post-operation visits, visits to manage your medications, and ongoing health conditions and education.

Are video visits as effective as in-person visits?

Research has shown that video visits have similar diagnostic accuracy as face-to-face visits. This means that doctors can determine what is going on with you about as well as if they saw you in person. Video visits have also been shown in research to have similar treatment outcomes as well as a potential decrease in hospitalization.

How do I schedule a video visit appointment?

Call your doctor’s office to request a video visit.

What will happen during a video visit?

The day before your video visit, open the MyChart app and complete the eCheck-In process. You should also prepare any questions to ask your provider. On the day of your video visit, fifteen minutes before your appointment time, log into the MyChart app. Select your appointment and tap “Begin Visit”. Your provider will join the video visit shortly thereafter. In some cases, your first contact may be with a clinical assistant who will review basic medical information before transferring you to your provider.

Does insurance cover video visits? 

Physicians across the Yale New Haven Health System have been relying on Telehealth services to stay connected with their patients. Video visits are billed for the same amount as an in-person visit and many insurance companies are currently accepting those claims. These wills will have the similar cost-share to you as an in-person visit. Be sure to check with your insurance company if you have any questions about how your Telehealth visit will be billed.

What technology do I need to have to do a video visit?

You can use a smartphone, tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android device), or PC/MAC or Laptop to connect to your provider. You will also need an active MyChart account and to download the MyChart app, as well as the Zoom app for the visit.

How do I prepare for a video visit with my doctor?

At Yale New Haven Health and Yale Medicine, patients need to have an active MyChart account and access to the MyChart App on their personal device to access the video visit.

What is MyChart?

MyChart is a patient portal through Epic, an electronic medical record platform that gives you access to your medical record. Through MyChart you can communicate with your provider, see test results, medications, request proxy access, complete questionnaires, request prescription refills, and perform other tasks to help manage and receive information about your health.

Don’t have a MyChart Account?

Reach out to your provider’s office and they can send you a text link to enroll in MyChart and download the app. Alternatively, you can visit the YNHHS/YM MyChart website and click on the “Sign Up Now” button. At the next screen select “Request Access Code” and complete the enrollment screens. We use a 3rd party called Experian to validate your identity as part of the process.

Will I be able to get a new prescription? 

Yes. A provider can assess symptoms and make medical decisions via a video visit, including sending a prescription electronically to your pharmacy. However, there are certain classes of drugs that cannot be prescribed during a video visit.

English is not my preferred language. Can I still do a video visit?

Yes, interpreter services are available during a video visit, same as with an in-person appointment.

How do I follow-up with the doctor after a video visit?

You will receive a copy of your After Visit Summary (AVS) via MyChart. The AVS summarizes what happened during your visit and contains important follow-up instructions. You can also message your provider through MyChart.

If I do not want to do a video visit can I schedule a phone visit or in-person visit?

Yes, a phone visit and/or in-person visit are always options, but speak to your clinician on what maybe clinically best to meet your needs.

COVID-19 and Telemedicine

Many offices are now offering telemedicine services during this time. If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms, call your doctor or healthcare facility before visiting.

COVID-19 information

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Access Your Results

With MyChart you can view your test results and doctor's comments from the comfort of your own home.