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Radiological Biodosimetry Laboratory

Radiation incidents, radiological or nuclear in nature, may generate few or mass casualties with radiation injuries. Based on detection of radiation-specific chromosomal alterations (dicentric analysis) in blood cells, biodosimetry contributes valuable clinical information for forecasting patient outcomes and formulating therapeutic strategies to treat patients with radiation injuries.

The Radiological Emergency Response Biodosimetry Laboratory employs dicentric analysis to test for and determine radiation exposure levels in individuals of accidental or intentional radiation incidents.

Automated Detection and Image Analysis of Metaphase Dicentric Chromosomes

The Laboratory can assist local, regional, national and international territories with:

  • Dicentric analysis for potentially radiation-exposed and contaminated persons
  • Assistance to general practitioners and emergency department clinicians regarding clinical diagnosis and treatment during small- to large-scale incidents associated with radiation exposure
  • Educational material with sufficient background and perspective to make elaborate radiation concepts understandable to those without formal radiation medicine expertise

As one of only a few biodosimetry laboratories in the nation, focusing on biological dosimetry, the Radiological Emergency Response Biodosimetry Laboratory is a leader in evaluating and managing the health risks of radiation exposure.