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Exercise Types

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) framework is based on seven exercise types, as shown below. Exercises are divided into two groups, discussion-based and operations-based.

Type Purpose Player Action Duration
Discussion-based exercises
Seminar Provide overview of new or current plans, resources, strategies, concepts or ideas None; learning setting 2 – 5 hours
Workshop Achieve specific goal or develop product (e.g., plans, policies, exercise objectives) None 3 – 8 hours
Tabletop (TTX) Assist staff with ability to understand and assess plans, policies, procedures and concepts Nominal; discussion 4 – 8 hours
Game Explore decision-making, and examine consequences of those decisions Nominal 2 – 5 hours
Operations-based exercises
Drill Test a single operation or function Actual 2 – 4 hours
Functional(FE) Test capabilities, functions, plans and personnel of Incident Command, Unified Command, intelligence centers or other command/operations centers Command staff actions are actual; other resources are simulated 4 – 8 hours (can run for multiple days)
Full-scale (FSE) Implement and analyze plans, policies, procedures and agreements through functioning operations Actual 1 or more full days