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After hip replacement, Coy came back faster


Coy, 63, of Ledyard, started skiing in his mid-20s. For Coy and his wife, skiing was a family event. Coy would load up the kids and spend the weekend in various ski towns around the Northeast, like Lake Placid in New York and Sunday River in Maine.


“I started to limp a lot and people noticed,” said Coy. “I was favoring my left hip. The pain was really starting to bother me and I lived like that for several years.”

Coy was afraid of what the process might be with orthopedic surgery, but he decided to contact his primary care doctor for a referral. A few weeks later, Coy was in the Groton office of Christopher Hutchins, MD, a Lawrence + Memorial-affiliated orthopedic surgeon.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital:
Come Back Healthier

After x-rays showed that the cartilage in his left hip was gone, Coy worked with Dr. Hutchins to determine the next steps.

“He asked me if I wanted to get it replaced or continue to live with it,” recalled Coy. “I was ready to get rid of the pain and discomfort of walking, so I chose to have my hip replaced.”

Coy underwent surgery at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital three weeks later.

“Coy’s hip pain was affecting his livelihood. His work and recreational pursuits were becoming more of a challenge for him,” said Dr. Hutchins. “Almost two weeks after his surgery, he walked into my office carrying his cane. Not using it, just carrying it. He progressed rapidly and wasn’t having much discomfort.”

Every patient’s recovery is different, but Coy couldn’t be happier with his choice. He is back to his recreational activities.

“If you’re in any pain at all with your hip or you’re thinking about a replacement, don’t procrastinate. Go get it done,” advises Coy. “The staff at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital took good care of me. I highly recommend them.”