Bridgeport Hospital is here for you

Our healthcare providers stand ready to deliver the safe, expert care you need, when you need it.

Nurses in from of a Heroes Work Here sign.
Together. Stronger. Bridgeport Hospital’s healthcare workers battled the coronavirus during its peak with fortitude and compassion for the greater Bridgeport community.

In times of crisis, we call on people we trust. When COVID-19 hit Connecticut, Bridgeport Hospital answered the call to support, protect and defend our community.

“Like true heroes, our staff went running toward the fire,” said Anne Diamond, JD, CNMT, president, Bridgeport Hospital. “It wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ the virus would arrive here, but ‘when.’ We were ready.”

Bridgeport Hospital admitted its first COVID-19 patient in mid-March. Within a matter of weeks, as cases rose, the hospital more than doubled its intensive care capacity, constructed a fully functional medical field hospital for patient overflow and designated COVID-specific units to quarantine the virus and keep non-COVID areas safe from exposure. This included its Milford Campus, which was fashioned as a COVID-free zone at the start of the pandemic.

The hospital also cancelled most of its elective procedures as the pandemic took hold in the state to make operating rooms, treatment areas and patient space available for an influx of COVID patients. The action, in addition to converting thousands of in-person appointments to telephone or video visits, helped reduce risk of exposure to the novel virus, keeping patients and staff safe.

“We learned that we can quickly create additional, designated bed space for COVID patients if there is a surge in cases,” said Victor Morris, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president for Medical Affairs at Bridgeport Hospital. “This is a real advantage for our community.”

Battling a viral enemy

As the number of people under Bridgeport Hospital’s care for COVID-19 rose sharply from the end of March through mid-April, Diamond and her incident command team knew that the hospital needed to expand its capacity and simultaneously keep people safe in COVID-free sites for other types of patient care.

“The world’s attention may have been on COVID-19, but our attention had to be on two fronts – dealing with the coronavirus and caring for those with other medical needs,” Diamond said. “People don’t stop being sick, getting hurt or having babies during a public health crisis. Having designated areas, including our Milford Campus on Seaview Avenue, to treat those without COVID-19 let us deliver the right care in the right setting to reduce risk of exposure.”

Bridgeport Hospital saw its peak of COVID-19 patients on April 19. In the weeks that followed, Connecticut went from being one of the hardest hit areas in the country to one with the lowest number of new cases and hospitalizations. Dr. Morris attributes the decline in large part to the community’s diligence in keeping themselves and others safe.

“The people of Connecticut are taking this very seriously,” he said. “To stay successful in keeping COVID cases low, everyone must stay vigilant in social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands. Bridgeport Hospital is here to help if you get sick, but you can help yourself and those around you stay safe by practicing these basic infection prevention measures. The power is in your hands.”

Don’t delay the medical care you need

As the number of COVID-19 cases remains low in Connecticut, Diamond noted the hospital’s primary focus has shifted from pandemic response to regular and routine care. “We are doing this with safety as our guiding principle,” she said.

All of Bridgeport Hospital’s locations, including Park Avenue Medical Center and outpatient centers, are open for appointments and procedures. Physicians and other providers are calling patients to reschedule services, but people are encouraged to contact their doctor’s office with questions or urgent requests. Blood draw and radiology locations are open by appointment to better accommodate requests. Bridgeport Hospital-affiliated Northeast Medical Group physicians’ offices are also open and available to provide care in the office or via video visits.

“Please, don’t delay your health care,” said Diamond. “Now, more than ever, it’s so important for you to stay healthy. Bridgeport Hospital is here for you and has never been safer. With everything we’ve learned over the past five months, we’re prepared to safely and effectively deliver uncompromised care, and we’re ready to act in a flash if another wave of COVID-19 hits our community.”

COVID-19 testing

Lab tech performing a COVID test
Faster results make for a safer community. Yale New Haven Health has COVID-19 testing sites in your neighborhood. Results may be available as soon as 48 hours after a test.

Bridgeport Hospital has a quick turnaround on COVID-19 test results, thanks to Yale New Haven Health’s ability to perform its own testing onsite. (Bridgeport Hospital is a member of Yale New Haven Health System.)

“The sooner we can confirm people have COVID-19, the sooner they can be isolated to ensure they’re not spreading the virus,” said Victor Morris, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president for Medical Affairs at Bridgeport Hospital. “If you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, you should stay away from others and call a healthcare provider to see if you need a test.”

COVID-19 testing is available for those who have symptoms of COVID-19 (symptomatic) and for those without symptoms (asymptomatic).

If you would like a test, call your doctor’s office. If you don’t have a doctor, call the Yale New Haven Health COVID-19 Call Center at 833-ASK-YNHH (833-275-9644). They will give you instructions for testing and a referral for a test at one of the health system’s locations. If you have a MyChart account with Yale New Haven Health, you may also be able to schedule your COVID-19 test appointment online.

There are testing centers in the Bridgeport/Milford area, as well as other locations throughout Connecticut. Yale New Haven Health operates testing sites on the Bridgeport Campus at 226 Mill Hill Ave., Bridgeport; at Milford Urgent Care Center, 831 Boston Post Rd., Milford; and at Fairfield Urgent Care Center, 309 Stillson Rd., Fairfield. A physician order and appointment are required. Our affiliate, PhysicianOne Urgent Care (855-349-2828), also conducts testing by appointment and has locations throughout the state. For additional information and a full list of our testing centers, visit