November - December 2019

Healthy Heart, Healthy Living

Kerr, 74, had experienced increasing fatigue for about three months. His wife was out of town on business that fateful evening. When a friend called, Kerr mentioned he was having chest pains.

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September - October 2019

Taking a Better Approach to Pain Managament

Few people watching Zevi Tilles, 43, sprint across the soccer field would suspect he could barely get out of bed a few months earlier due to severe back and leg pain.

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May - August 2019

Breathing Easier

Rita Appel, 68, of Westport never expected that an annual checkup with her primary care physician would lead to a visit with a pulmonologist and a diagnosis of lung cancer – nearly 40 years after quitting smoking.

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March - April 2019

Where Kids Are the Center of Attention

Parents are always concerned when their children get sick, whether it’s a nasty cold or a painful earache. When a child has a serious illness, disease or injury that requires surgery or other complex treatment, having convenient access to a trusted hospital staffed with top-notch medical professionals becomes paramount.

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January - February 2019

The Many Faces of Health Care

As healthcare delivery evolves, patients are seeing more allied health professionals – physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiologic technologists, physical therapists and many others – at the hospital, Emergency Department and physicians' offices. Meet some of Greenwich Hospital's finest.

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September - October 2018

Bariatric Surgery: Lose Weight, Gain Health
Advanced procedures curb obesity and reduce related risks from chronic conditions.

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May - August 2018

A Hard Fall, Then a Soft Landing

After tearing a rotator cuff in a skiing accident, Jim Roche turned to Greenwich Hospital’s Long Ridge Medical Center – and ultimately back to the slopes.

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March - April 2018

Easing a Child's Visit to the Emergency Department

Children visiting Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department now have access to the most advanced pediatric emergency services in the region.

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January - February 2018

Matters of the Heart

Marisa Telesca admits she has spent a lifetime focusing on the needs of others, while ignoring  her own health. But as age 60 approached, she began reassessing.

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November - December 2017

Total Joint Replacement: New Lease on Life

Business owner William LaFontaine ignored the pain in his left knee for years, even though simple tasks such as kneeling to fix appliances or pedaling a bicycle were challenging.

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September - October 2017

Choosing Life Over Cancer

After years of counseling cancer patients, Noni Eden-Davidai never imagined she would one day need support to face the toughest decision of her life

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May - August 2017

Preparing for a High-Risk Pregnancy

The harmony in Lucia Palmieri- Zager’s life resonates every time she looks at her beautiful and healthy twins

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