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Gynecology, Labor and Delivery, Obstetrics

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Amanda Lendler is a certified nurse midwife and provides gynecologic and obstetric care to women. When working with pregnant patients, Lendler says she often spends a good deal of time listening to them and validating any concerns they may have.

“Parenthood is a big deal and it’s reasonable to be nervous. But I do try to ground them and tell them that pregnancy and birth are part of a continuum,” she says. “Focusing too much on the pregnancy is like focusing on the wedding and not the marriage. I’ll remind them that I am here to support them, but that physiologically women were meant to give birth.”

Lendler says she enjoys knowing she can make a positive difference in a woman’s life. “Even if it’s just one connection you make by getting a woman to take charge of her health care and you’re leaving them a little better off than when they came in the room, I love that,” she says. 






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