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Flu Vaccine

Yale New Haven Health is committed to keeping you safe and healthy this flu season.

Learn about flu prevention and find a location to get your flu shot today.

Flu Information

Flu Symptoms and When To Get Your Shot

Protect yourself by getting the flu shot every year. In Connecticut, flu cases start to appear as early as October.

Flu Prevention for Seniors

Every year, the flu season can be a dangerous time for seniors. Those 65 and older should consider a high-dose flu vaccine.

Flu Safety For Kids

Young children are at a higher risk of developing more severe cases of flu. Families can prepare by getting a flu shot, following infection prevention protocols and by keeping kids home when they get sick.

Flu Vaccine Locations

For the safety of our communities, flu shots are now available by appointment only. Please contact your primary care provider or local walk-in care location for more information and to schedule your flu vaccination.