Blood Draw Station - New Haven - Yale Physicians Building

800 Howard Avenue - Yale Physicians Building

800 Howard Avenue
2nd Floor
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M 7 am - 5:30 pm
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The hours of this location are subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm the hours before visiting.

Blood Draw Station - New Haven - Yale Physicians Building


Yale New Haven Hospital provides comprehensive, blood draw services directly to patients in Connecticut and also provides reference laboratory services to hospitals, large practices and institutions throughout New England and, for highly specialized services, across the United States

Much of the blood drawn at Yale New Haven is by phlebotomists, blood drawing specialists trained in the collection and processing of blood, who collaborate with medical technicians, technologists, pathologists to ensure that results are accurate and reliable.

*EKG Available

Understanding Your Blood Test

When you provide blood, urine, or other body substances, these samples are sent to the medical laboratory, where the technical and professional staff process the sample, test it and report the results to your physician.

Why Choose YNHH

When your physician orders blood work or you need to schedule a blood test, Yale New Haven Hospital makes it easy with blood draw stations conveniently located throughout Connecticut's shoreline and the Greater New Haven area.

By choosing to have your blood work done at a Yale New Haven Hospital blood draw station, your results will be available to Yale New Haven Hospital physicians in the event that you are admitted to the hospital or come to the emergency department.

Yale New Haven Hospital offers adult and pediatric blood drawing services. Our blood draw stations honor requisitions from other labs and no appointments are necessary. All major insurances are accepted


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