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YNHHS Innovation Awards

Simulated Psychedelic Immersive Experience: Healthcare Intervention for Depression (Si-PHI)
Lead Mohini Ranganathan, MBBS
Team Kimberly Hieftje, PhD, Asher Marks, MD, Jose Cortes-Briones, PhD

SI-PHI is a cutting-edge tool using Hi-definition, 3D visuals, and interactive features to create a mixed reality simulation of the effects of psychedelic medications. Psychedelic medications help treat depression, but their side effects and costs make them difficult to use. Si-PHI will aim to provide the benefits of these medications without the drawbacks. 

Target Impact Si-PHI will benefit patients, providers, and hospitals due to easier implementation with minimal side effects and lower costs. Si-PHI will also serve as an educational tool for patients and providers and support research studies of psychedelic drugs. Future potential uses include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders and end of life distress.The potential for commercial success of Si-PHI is significant due to the large market not only in the US but also globally, and this approach is supported by FDA approval of virtual reality interventions for treating pain. 
Project Lead's Vision Psychedelic medications are promising new treatments for TRD but their side effects and high costs of treatment prevent their widespread clinical use.