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Tips for Getting the Most Out of MyChart

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MyChart is an easy-to-use website offered by Northeast Medical Group (NEMG) that allows you to connect with your doctor's office, schedule appointments, request prescription renewals, review your health history and so much more. The team at NEMG offers some advice on how to make the most out of this online health management tool.

MyChart is great for requesting prescription refills, paying bills, reviewing recent test results and asking non-urgent questions about care according to Brian Williams, MD, Medical Informatics Officer, NEMG. “That is the true power of MyChart,” he said, noting the MyChart excels in treatment follow-up. Patients are just a few clicks away from their after visit summary, which make it easier to follow the recommended plan of care.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

While MyChart is available 24/7, Dr. Williams encourages patients to manage their expectations before they use the platform to reach out to their clinician.

“My Chart is a wonderful tool, but is not meant to be an immediate, direct line to your clinician,” Dr. Williams explained. “Because we’re all living in a world of instant communication, we might view MyChart as a kind of text message service with your doctor. I’m afraid that just isn’t the case.”

If you have an immediate concern or health issue, it is best to reach out directly to your doctor’s office by phone.

“You can access MyChart any time, 365 days a year, which is amazing,” he said. “But there’s not always someone sitting on the other side. It can take a few hours to respond to a message. It may even be a day or two, depending on when the patient first reaches out. It’s important to keep that in mind so you’re not sitting by your phone for computer waiting for a response.”

Do you have MyChart? Ask your Northeast Medical Group healthcare team for a MyChart brochure or your MyChart Activation Code. You may also request one online at by clicking on “Sign up now.”

MyChart Tips for Connecting with Your Provider

Do use MyChart to:

  • Make an appointment
    It’s nearly impossible to diagnose a new medical issue sight unseen. Use MyChart to make an appointment so we can start you down the path to recovery as soon as possible.
  • Ask questions
    Your clinician will reach out to you about test results within 72 hours of the results. If you’ve received that communication and still have a question, send us a message. You’ll get an answer in a reasonable amount of time (in some cases, the same day).

Don’t use MyChart to:

  • Over communicate
    Most times patients are trying to be thorough, which is appreciated. However, that level of detail is best saved for a face-to-face (either virtually or in-person) with your clinician.
  • Wait for an instant response
    Go ahead and go about your day as normally as you can once you’ve sent your message. It will likely be a little while before you receive a response to these non-urgent messages, and you’ll get an alert once you do.