Spring 2018

A check-up from the neck up could save your life

Vicki Mahoney, 57, of Oxford, has dealt with thyroid issues most of her adult life. Thyroid disorders run in her family, so wasn’t surprised when she was diagnosed ...

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Fall 2017

On the right “tract”

A year ago, life was quite different. Mark was experiencing prostate symptoms, which led to an appointment with urologist Matthew Wosnitzer, MD ...

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Spring 2017

When GI issues interfere with life

Joe Schena, 58, from Fair field, was in New Hampshire on business in late October 2016 when he experienced excruciating pain in his abdomen.

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Fall 2016

Park Avenue Medical Center: Comprehensive, Quality Care Close to Home

Our new facility offers personal attention, a range of medical services and special amenities such as the Norma Pfriem Healing Garden.

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