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Embracing Modern Family-building Options

A message from the president of Greenwich Hospital

Advances in reproductive medicine are helping more people than ever – heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, and single moms and dads – to fulfill the dream of creating a family.

Evidence-based fertility treatments and fertility preservation techniques are evolving and improving every day. These include in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, egg or embryo freezing, sperm and egg donations, surrogate gestational carriers and much more.

The result? What once seemed like science fiction has become a reality for millions of Americans who are now parents, thanks to reproductive medicine. These include women who delayed pregnancy due to career demands or the absence of a life partner, members of the LGBTQ community who yearn to be parents, and cancer or seriously ill patients whose treatment regimens put their future ability to bear children at risk.

Sommer Haynes, featured in our cover story, is one of these Americans. The mother of two gave birth twice via in vitro fertilization. With each pregnancy, Haynes turned to Greenwich Hospital experts for care, knowing she had access to a comprehensive team of obstetricians, maternal fetal medicine physicians, neonatologists, specially trained nurses, breastfeeding specialists, genetic counselors and baby-care instructors. Every resource Haynes and her babies needed was readily available.

We welcome close to 2,700 newborns each year, making Greenwich a destination maternity hospital for parents in Fairfield and Westchester counties, as well as New York City. Greenwich Hospital received the 2020 Women’s Choice Award as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Obstetrics for the seventh consecutive year, proving our reputation goes well beyond the region. Our team of highly experienced specialists is on hand to help all individuals and couples hoping to build a family.

Norman G. Roth, President and Chief Executive Officer